Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


Arny Quittein Star

— official stud dog of club Swiss Mountain Dogs —

IDS Mladá Boleslav 26.8.2018

We took part at international dog show in Mladá Boleslav 26.8.2018. There were registered 30 dogs of breed great swiss mountain dog.

Arny was in champion class and he got there Exc 1, CAC.

In next competition he won CACIB and BOB – best of breed.

Arny also went in a final show ring with his handler and he was more…








World dog show Amsterdam

We took part at World Dog Show 12.8.2018 in Amsterdam with our amazing dog Arny Quittein Star.

There were registered 47 dogs of this wonderful breed.

Arny got excellent in very strong competition more…






NDS Mladá Boleslav 15.7.2018

We visited national dog show that was in city named Mladá Boleslav.

There were registered 18 dogs of breed Great Swiss Mountain Dog.

Our Arny Quittein Star left the show ring with very nice result Exc 2, R.CAC more…








IDS České Budějovice 22.4.2018

We participated at dog show in České Budějovice with our male of breed Great Swiss Mountain Dog named Arny Quittein Star.

He was registered in champion class with 3 other males and got result  more…





IDS Chemnitz 7.4.2018

We were at international dog show with our male of breed greater swiss mountain dog in Chemnitz.

There were registred 14 dogs in breed.

Arny Quittein Star got in competition in champion class Exc 1, VDH, more…




DUO CACIB Brno 3.-4.2.2018

velky svycarsky salasnicky pesDUO CACIB Brno 3.-.4.2.2018

There was a big competions at both dog shows in Brno.

46 dogs were registered on saturday and 38 on sunday.

Our Arny Quittein Star got both days first place in champion class more…




World Dog Show 12.11.2017

velky svycarsky salasnicky pes

We took part at World Dow Show in Leipzig 12.11.2017 with our Arny Quittein Star.

Arny was registered in his age of 2 years in champion class with 27 other males.

Result is excellent more…







IDS Prague 4.-5.11.2017

velky svycarsky salasnicky pes, great swiss mountain dog, vystava psu, dog show

Internationale dog show Prague 5.11.2017

There were registered 27 dogs of breed Greater Swiss Mountain Dog on sunday. Our Arny Quittein Star took part at show in champion class.

Arny got Excellent 1, CAC, then he got best adult male CACIB and best of breed BOB.

Arny became Czech Grandchampion. We thank a lot the judge more…




Club show 21.10.2017

velky svycarsky salasnicky pes

We were at club show KCHMPP 21.10.2017 in Mladá Boleslav.

There were registred 25 dogs in breed Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Arny was in champion class with 2 other and older champions and won that class with Exc 1, CAC more…




Arny became stud male

velky svycarsky salasnicky pes

We passed successfully an exam on saturday 23.9.2017 in our club of swiss mountains dogs (

Arny Quittein Star is now officially stud male and we can offer him for mating.

His health results are excellent: HD, ED – A  more…





IDS Mladá Boleslav 13.8.2017

velky svycarsky salasnicky pes vystava psu

Arny participated dog show in Mladá Boleslav with amazing result Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

There were registred 27 dogs of that breed.

Arny was in champion class for the first time and in big competition of 2 other males  more…